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Rubber Bandits & Ray Foley-Union CY - 9 euro


Ray Foley joined Today FM in 2004 at the tender age of 23, after stints on East Coast FM and pirate radio station Spin 1038, jockying ‘The Blast’ from 10pm with college mate and trusty sidekick JP Gilbourne. Playing the biggest bangers from the charts and generally acting the maggot with his buddy got him noticed and fill in slots for Ray Darcy, Tony Fenton and Tom Dunne followed. The little pup became the big dog when he took over the noon to 2.30pm window, with “Just  a bit of fun for your lunchtime.” Nothing too serious, nothing serious at all really, Ray Foley went (for me anyway) from being the slightly annoying guy on late in the evening to laugh out loud at your desk messer. From The Blagger’s Guide to Lazy Radio Theme Tunin’ it to the max on Friday, Ray Foley has the lunchtime fun sewn up.

And others seem to think so too, Ray took the Meteor Award for Best National DJ in 2008 (when he sang The Journey from the closing scene of The Sopranos accepting his gong) and again in 2009, when he didn’t sing at all. He also won in 2010, as if the first two wins weren’t enough. 

Another useless fact about Ray sheds some light on his ongoing jibbing of Ray D’arcy; turns out it’s a family thing - Ray has an uncle, Gabriel Foley, who lives in Virginia, County Cavan. Ray has noted on his show how his uncle Gabriel has an ongoing rivalry with Clancy Darcy, grand-uncle of Ray's colleague Ray Darcy. It started in 1998 when Clancy drunkenly stole Gabriel’s tractor and drove it into the wall of the local GlanBia milk factory. Fortunately no-one was injured.

Ray will be joined by Limerick lovelies, The Rubber Bandits. This duo, made up of Blind Boy Boatclub and Bobby Chrome (their real identities are to remain anonymous) are the musical geniuses behind “Bag of Glue”, “Pure Awkward” and most recently, “Song for Willie O’Dea”. After a brilliant performance last year The Rubber Bandits are back once again to entertain the masses. Check them out at www.youtube.com/rubberbandits

Ray Foley & The Rubber Bandits will play the Students’ Union Courtyard on Tuesday (March 23). Get your ticket from the Students’ Union!